Sky Sapience

skysapiens company overview

Company Overview

In a world where being in-the-know means being secure, Sky Sapience offers innovative hovering masts that enable 360º surveillance 24/7. Sky Sapience was established to fulfill the increasing need for compact, stabilized, hovering platforms that have the ability to host a variety of large payloads.


Sky Sapience, located in Yokneam, Israel, was founded on vast military, business, and engineering experience. Its dedicated team members are experts in the fields of aeronautics, robotics, computer programming, electronics, and business management.


The company’s flagship product, the HoverMast-100, tethered hovering machine for small vehicles, is exceptional in its high size-to-payload ratio. Remaining stable in adverse weather conditions, the HoverMast-100 facilitates clear, real-time, over-the-hill and across-the-crowd surveillance. The first HoverMast-100 has been delivered to the IDF for operational evaluation.


Designing its products for an unusually wide range of applications and vehicle compatibility, Sky Sapience caters to the local and international homeland security, military and civilian security markets. The company was chosen by MAFAT, the research and development agency of the IMOD, as its sole developer of this hovering technology. With the completion of the production line expected during Q1 2014, Sky Sapience will begin export of its HoverMast products to its international customers.

Sky Sapience endeavors to become an internationally recognized leader in the design and development, manufacturing and marketing of autonomous hovering systems. It hopes to achieve its goal by remaining at the forefront of hovering technology and by staying attentive to its customers’ security and defense needs.