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HoverMast Lite

The New Generation of HoverMast

Fully autonomous operation

On-the-move operation, vehicle/boat mounted configuration

Maximum payload of 10kg

All-weather operability

Fiber optic broadband

The HM-LITE can carry a variety of payloads for almost any intelligence gathering mission, including EO/IR cameras, RF, radars, lasers, cellular communication, SIGINT, ELINT, COMJAM, hyperspectral sensors, and cyber. The system can also carry multiple payloads simultaneously, providing a full intelligence snapshot of a designated arena. All the payloads are plug-and-play and are easy to install and replace in the field by the operating team (O-level). Maximum payload weight is 10 kilograms.

The HM-LITE system marks the next generation in the HoverMast family, designed to meet the market’s requirements in terms of form-factor, weight, and power capacity. Breaking the height limitations, with a maximum hovering height of 300m, the HM-LITE combines high operational flexibility with unlimited mission time, performing 24/7/365. Outfitted with advanced surveillance payloads, the HM-LITE can detect people from up to 15 kilometers away, run facial recognition at 700 meters and detect vehicles from 20 kilometers, day or night. The HM-LITE can also be fitted with a variety of cooled EO/IR, RADAR, cellular, and RF communication, which can be mounted together or interchanged in the field. Operated from a ground control system, the HM-LITE can be integrated into third-party’s C4I systems with remote operations. With its modular, flexible design, unlimited mission time, one-button operation, and minimal maintenance standards, the system presents a low Life-Cycle Cost, and offers a highly cost-effective solution for uninterrupted situational awareness.


Special Forces, Low-Signature Operations

Force protection (tactical and frontline forces)

ISTAR missions

Civil protection and surveillance at mass events

Naval operations (harbor, offshore, and rig monitoring)

Traffic monitoring and law enforcement

Perimeter and border control

Protecting and securing infrastructure

Targeting natural disasters and search and rescue missions

Serving as an ad-hoc cellular tower during natural disasters

Detecting smuggling in correctional facilities

Identifying forestry and poaching-related activities


Payload versatility – EO/IR, SIGINT, ELINT, cyber, radar, cellular, RF, COMJAM

Maximum payload of 10 kilograms

Fully customized to support RCV/SMET programs

Automated safety algorithms

Short turn-around time

User friendly (no flight/drone training required)

Hovers up to 300 meters

Mounting options


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