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Enterprise Productcs

Unlimited airborne intelligence for excellence in any task

The HoverMast product line offers unique tethered hovering solutions for real time intelligence and communication, tailored to enterprise challenges. HoverMast offers unlimited power and operational time, ensuring exceptional payload, visibility and mobility. It serves for perimeter control, event management, communication and cellular applications, emergency response, mines, national parks and more.

Defense Products

Continuous, effective VISINT, ELINT and COMINT

The HoverMast product line comprises versatile tethered hovering platforms, field-proven in defense and military scenarios. With exceptional size-to-payload, HoverMast is operated from a variety of small vehicles or marine vessels. Hovering over its host vehicle, it receives and transmits ELINT and COMINT even while in motion, and supports stable real-time ISR in virtually all weather and light conditions. The HoverMast platforms are completely autonomous, rising up to 100m within seconds, and secured by a cable serving as a power supply and wideband data link.

Leading the revolution of tethered hovering technology

Sky Sapience is the leading provider of tethered hovering platforms worldwide. Dedicated to continuous innovation, Sky Sapience team comprises experts in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, robotics, software programming, electronics, and business management. Selected by major global entities, SkySapience has a strong technological core and multi-patented, field proven products.


Superior surveillance in a lightweight camera

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