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Sky Sapience leads the revolution of tethered hovering technology,
with the first and only field proven platform.

Sky Sapience, a Titan Innovations company, founded in 2010, by three partners: Gabriel Shachor, Shy Cohen and Ronen Keidar, leads the revolution of tethered hovering technology providing unlimited surveillance and communications for the defense and enterprise markets. Its team comprises experts in the ¬fields of mechanical engineering, aeronautics, robotics, software programming, electronics, and business management.

Sky Sapience designs its products for a wide range of applications and vehicle compatibility. The company invests heavily in R&D, developing new technologies and expanding its product base to accommodate the needs of customers in the field. Its solutions offer a variety of sizes, payloads, heights supported, and levels of mobility and wind endurance, as well as customization for different applications, such as marine scenarios, and different regulatory requirements.

With 7 international patents, Sky Sapience offers a variety of mobile hovering systems with specialized mission capabilities which have been selected by some of the largest entities worldwide. The company’s systems have been successfully serving enterprises, HLS and defense customers in the field since 2014.

Sky Sapience is rapidly expanding, comprising a state-of-the-art telemetry laboratory, indoor and outdoor experiment facilities, as well as an in-house production line. It has partnered with several distinguished companies including IAI, Controp and DST to ensure high-standard, turnkey solutions.

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