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Best size-to-payload for enterprise applications


Best size-to-payload for enterprise applications

HoverMast-100-C tethered hovering platform offers top observation, surveillance and communication capabilities for enterprise applications. With the best size-to-payload ratio in today’s market, the stabilized platform carries payloads up to 11 kg and rises up to 50 meters and 8 kg for up to 100 meters within seconds.

HoverMast-100-C is secured by a cable which provides both wideband communications and power, ensuring unlimited communication and operation time. The platform can carry a variety of surveillance devices, including CCD/IR cameras, radars, relays, cellular antennas, and hyperspectral sensors. HoverMast-100-C transmits data through a wideband communication link, enabling transmission of critical data to relevant recipients for real-time communication between distributed teams.

The system’s compact base unit makes HoverMast-100-C suitable for a wide variety of small platforms, from UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), to pick-up trucks, boats and communication vehicles.

As a tethered platform, HoverMast-100-C is not classified as an airborne vehicle, and is free of the restrictions of standard air control regulations, allowing it to operate in a wide variety of areas, including urban zones.

The HoverMast-100-C can be launched from a wide range of small platforms: UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), pick-up trucks, boats, ATVs, communication vehicles, etc.



Perimeter security for enterprises’ critical infrastructure

Communication in a variety of missions

Cellular communication

Mine control

Electricity infrastructure monitoring

Firefighting missions

Disaster area missions

Controlling mass events

Surveillance of forests and nature reserves

Oil and gas pipelines and rigs

First response teams

Technical Specifications

Platform type




Deployment time


Operation mode




Hovering height


Wind endurance (kts)


Redeployment time



Unlimited (generator)

Remote control



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